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“Fullfunction” Control for heavy sewing machines with footlift, high lift walking foot, Trimmer, thread tension release and Backtack. Functionally expandable for connecting the steppermotor control SM210A. In addition, programmable with C200 compiler.


• For Lockstitch machines with footlift, thread trimmer, thread tension release, High Lift Walking foot and backtack
• For Chainstitch machines with footlift, thread trimmer and stitchcondensing
• Connection for stepper motor control SM210A
• Customized programming with Compiler C200
• Flash technology, no EPROM
• Connection for USB Memorystick
• Pedal operation with analog actuator EB401
• Short-circuit proof signal outputs with overload protection
• 13 outputs and 10 inputs
• Separate knee switch connection
• Universal mounting above or below the tableboard
• Operation with V-belt or timing belt
• Optional V810, V820 and V900 control panels
• Motor: DC1550