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The compact control for simple sewing machines with foot lift and thread trimmer. Ideally suited for use on Overlock machines. In conjunction with the motor DC1250 or DC1280 also suitable for heavy duty sewing machines.


• For all basic Lockstitch machines with footlift and thread trimmer
• For all Overlock machines with footlift, waste suction and chain cutter lightbarrier controlled
• For all Chainstitch machines with footlift and thread trimmer
• Flash technology, no EPROM
• Connection for USB Memorystick
• Pedal operation with analog actuator EB401
• Short-circuit proof signal outputs with overload protection
• 4 outputs for pneumatic actuators and 1 input
• 1 light barrier input
• Universal mounting above or below the tableboard
• Operation with V-belt or timing belt
• Optional motors: DC1200, DC1210, DC1230, DC1250, DC1280, DC1500 and DC1550