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Brushless direct current motor in compact design for flange mounting with integrated incremental encoder.


• Usable for Overlock, Chainstich and light Lockstich machines
• AB620A, AB611A, AB600A, AB221A, AB425S, AB286A, AB286C

Technical Specifications
Power Range: 400-1000 W
Operation Voltage: 230 VAC (180 V-250 V)
Maximum Speed: 9000 min ⁻ ¹
Nominal Torque: 0,64 Nm
Maximal torque: 3 Nm
Moment of inertia (Jrot): 0,5 kgcm²
Length: 145,5 mm
Flange dimensions: 80 x 75 mm²
Weight: 2,125 kg
Insulation class: B
Protection class: IP40
Shaft end: cylindrical ∅14k6
Incremental encoder, integrated: 512 Impulses/rotation