SM251S/SM251m Stepper Motor (2 Phase)

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The SM251M motor with Molex connectors are used with our compact AB425S control unit with 2 integrated stepping motor drivers. The SM251S motor with SubminD plugs are used with our budget-priced SM210A stepping motor control for accurate speed and positioning.

Technical Specifications
Current per winding: 2,1 A
Resistance per winding: 2 Ω
Inductance per winding: 8,8 mH
Holding torque: 169,7 Ncm
Moment of inerta: 430 gcm²
Step angle: 1,8 °
Lenght: 76 mm
Weigth: 1,1 kg
Motor shaft: ∅6,35 –0,013
Flange dimensions ∅38,1 ±0,025 (4 x M5 47,14²)
Controls: AB425S