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“Fullfunction” Control for sewing machines with footlift, high lift walking foot, Trimmer, thread tension release and Backtack. Functionally expandable for connecting the steppermotor control SM210A. In addition, programmable with C200 compiler.


• For Lockstitch machines with footlift, thread trimmer, thread tension release, High Lift Walking foot and backtack
• For Overlock machines with footlift, waste suction chain cutter and thread tension release lightbarrier controlled
• For Chainstitch machines with footlift, thread trimmer and stitchcondensing
• For Backlatch machines
• Connection for stepper motor control SM210A
• Customized programming with Compiler C200
• Flash technology, no EPROM
• Connection for USB Memorystick
• Pedal operation with analog actuator EB401
• Short-circuit proof signal outputs with overload protection
• 13 outputs and 10 inputs
• Separate knee switch connection
• Universal mounting above or below the tableboard
• Operation with V-belt or timing belt
• Optional V810, V820 and V900 control panels
• Motor: DC1500