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Sewing a 3/4 “ drapery pleat has been virtually impossible with all but the lightest fabrics until now. We’ve modified the head and introduced direct drive technology and the ability to set the torque and speed required to tack heavy fabrics.

For tacking all types of drapery work, the 8100DT with with direct drive technology allows you to set the speed of the machine and the stitch count, offering the whole package. A quiter, precise sewing experience and outstanding build quality.

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Technical Specifications
Maximum Sewing Speed 1445 RPM
Feed Length (Feed Wise) 0.01 – 0.26”
Feed Length (Cross Wise) 0.1 – 0.26”
Needle Bar Stroke 1.91”
Needle System # MT x 190LR #24
Sewing Thickness Up to 3⁄4“ pleat
Heavy Duty Tack Plate Yes
8, 16 & 32 Stitch Setting Yes
Lubrication Manual
Country of Origin Taiwan
Warranty Limited 1 Year