2300SZ Direct Drive

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The 2300SZ is the industry standard for light-to-medium duty zig-zag and straight sewing. 2300SZ’s are used in homes, schools, for appliqué work, and in industrial applications.

The 2300SZ owes its popularity to its versatility and ease of use. It will go from sewing numbers on a team jacket, to producing dancewear, to making dress shirts. And because it runs at a slower speed, it will do finer detailed work.

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Technical Specifications
Maximum Sewing Speed 1200 RPM
Stitch Length 0 – 0.2”
Stitch Width 0.35”
Needle Bar Stroke 1.25”
Pressure Foot Lift By hand 0.24”
By knee 0.35”
Needle System # 135 x 5
Work Space 8.25”
Bed Size 15.75”
Hook Type Rotary – auto lubricated
Lubrication Manual
Stitch Dial Regulator Yes
Reverse Lever Yes
Country Of Origin China
Warranty Limited 1 Year