4900SC Direct Drive

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When sewing garments that require the elasticity of a two thread chainstitch, the 4900SC is the right machine for the job. It is suitable for sewing from light to medium weight fabric.

For sewing men’s and ladies wear, the 4900SC chainstitch machine offers the whole package. The energy-saving direct drive motor provides a quiet, belt-free design for power and efficiency.

Technical Specifications
Maximum Sewing Speed 5,000 RPM
Stitch Length 0.06 - 0.16”
Pressure Foot Lift By hand 0.22”
By knee 0.31 - 0.39”
Auto Foot Lift 9/16
Needle System # 149 x 7
Thread Take Up Stroke Needle bar type
Condensed Stitch Lever Yes
Lubrication Automatic
Stitch Dial Regulation Yes
Country of Origin China
Warranty Limited 1 Year