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If you are looking for a tough, well-engineered, and well-made compound feed walking foot machine that won’t break the bank, we present the 4020SW. All the good things you need to get the job done including a large capacity hook, upgraded thread tension assembly, 12mm foot lift, and a Direct Drive servomotor.

Direct Drive offers the best user experience. From index stitching to programmable needle positioner to digital speed control, the 4020SW is the Walking Foot Sewing machine you have been waiting for. Ideal for sewing medium to heavyweight leather, upholstery, canvas, and synthetics.

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Technical Specifications
Maximum Sewing Speed 1200 RPM
Stitch Length 0 - 0.4”
Needle Bar Stroke 1.38”
Pressure Foot Lift By hand 0.32”
By knee 0.55”
Needle System # 135 x 17
Feed Dog Single row
Hook Type Rotary – auto lubricated
Lubrication Manual
Stitch Dial Regulation Yes
Reverse Lever Yes
Country of Origin China
Warranty Limited 1 Year