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Singer Parts


Part Manual
29W 31-15 31-19 31-29 31-44 31-55
31-63 51 SERIES 133W100 133W101 220U2, U3 261U11, U12, U13
261U21A, 23A 261U43A 291U 300W101, 105, 205, 305, 405 300W102, W202, W302, W402 300W103, W203
300W104 300W104, W194, W195, W204, W294 300W121, W221, W321, W421 300W122, W222, W322, W422 300W124 300W204
302U406EV 302W101, W206, W406 306W24, W25 331K5 331K104 369W
390 SERIES 3002U201

Some of the brands we support, just to name a few.