NEN-5127: HD Bucket Binder

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  • High/low walking foot binder
  • Two modes of operation, HD mode for closing seams/crossing tape lines and LT mode for normal operation with or without tape
  • Change between modes on demand with the push of a button
  • Easy maintenance with simplified spring system
  • Special chamber seal to prevent debris from entering the oil system. Change oil only once per year!
  • Parallel link drive for heavy work
  • Accelerated feed motion reducing needle deflection
  • Heavy duty feed dog with oversized fastening bolt
  • EFKA touch panel for ease of use and EFKA Direct Drive
  • Patent US 17/668,029
Technical Specifications
RPM: 3400 MAX / 3000 STD
SPI: 5-7 stitches (per inch)/adjustable
Foot Height: 13mm
Needle: 134 size 22 - 24
Volts/PH: 220/1
Air: 80 PSI
Air Consumption: .1 CFM
Production: 1 queen bucket per minute, with tape
HD Mode: High step walk
LT Mode: Low step walk