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The 7200SB is the sewing industry’s benchmark for excellence when productivity, durability, and stitch quality are your requirements. Skip stitch and adjustable stitch penetration allow you to fine tune from fine silks up to medium weight woolens.

For hemming pants, skirts and dresses, the 7200SB with direct-drive technology and “thread nipping device” (to allow easier removal of the hemmed fabric) offers a smoother, more precise sewing experience with outstanding build quality and reliability.

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Technical Specifications
Maximum Sewing Speed 2,500 RPM
Stitch Length 0 - 0.32”
Cylinder Diameter 2.28”
Pressure Foot Lift By knee 0.32”
Needle System # 29BL
Skip Stitch Function 1:1 – 2:1 true skip stitch
Direct Drive Technology Yes
Eye Guard Yes
Swing-Away Plate Yes
Lubrication Manual
Country of Origin China
Warranty Limited 1 Year