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Say hello to the all-new 3300SD, our most popular single needle machine now with our exclusive energy-saving direct drive technology. The era of motor belts and clutches is officially over, noisy motors are now a thing of the past. Replacing belts and the dust they create is history.

The direct drive 3300SD is all about convenience and puts you, the sewer, in total control. Now, at the touch of a button you have the ability to sew precisely one stitch at a time (step stitching). The 3300SD redefines what a single needle machine can do.

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Technical Specifications
Maximum Sewing Speed 4,500 RPM
Stitch Length 0 – 0.2”
Needle Bar Stroke 1.22”
Pressure Foot Lift By hand 0.2”
By knee 0.6”
Needle System # 16 x 257
Feed Dog 3 rows each
Hook Type Rotary – auto lubricated
Lubrication Automatic
Stitch Dial Regulation Yes
Reverse Lever Yes
Country of Origin Taiwan
Warranty Limited 1 Year